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Thursday, November 15, 2007


Hey folks-- so I'm back from my hiatus and had a show last week. Tonight, I'll be rolling in with more new music and want to make sure I play what you guys want to hear. So leave requests, likes, dislikes in the COMMENTS section here, and I'll make sure to check them out. I have so much new and good music right now that tonight's show is going to be jam packed and have a lot more variety than usual. If you're more a fan of punk, or hip-hop, or like the indie tracks I usually play, just check out this other stuff and I guarentee you find at least one or two new artists you will want to get into. Here are some of the groups you'll probably hear:

The Flatliners
Page France
Mac Lethal
Gogol Bordello
Say Anything
A Wilhelm Scream
Eddie Veder
Carla Bruni
Kate Nash
10 Rue D'La Madeleine
Prozack Turner
VHS or Beta
Bruce Springsteen
The Impossibles


Tune in http://kzsulive.stanford.edu


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